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Bella Umbria



Come discover the charm of authentic Italy and be embraced by everything she has to offer. The warmth and hospitality of the people are genuine. Towns are unaffected by endless amounts of tourism, and the breathtaking landscapes change with the seasons.

Umbria is where truffles, olive oil and wild boar, among other culinary treasures, are a specialty. If you visit in the fall you may plan to pick olives, truffles or grapes. Many travelers find Umbria to be a welcome change from the overcrowded cities in other parts of Italy, such as Rome, Florence or Venice. She’s rustic and the pace of life is an escape from excessive crowds while still being a region that offers many timeless, beautiful towns scattered everywhere. Because Umbria is situated between Tuscany and Lazio (Rome) it is an excellent location that we use as a home base to travel to other areas by train or car for my clients if they’d like to spend a day or two in the high tourist cities.