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Umbria Itinerary Review

Already have your dream vacation planned but you still have questions? Or maybe you plan to do-it-yourself but just need some advice. We would love to answer any questions you have on your upcoming vacation and give you travel tips to make things go smoothly. If you're interested in setting up a review, please fill out the form below and we will set up a time to talk with you.

 Note: Although we do specialize in the province of Umbria, we can review/form an itinerary for the whole of Italy and not strictly Umbria. 


Umbria Travel Planning

As an Italian citizen who lived in Umbria let me put my years of traveling abroad to work for you by helping you design your dream vacation.  Custom travel planning to suit your individual travel priorities. We take the stress and worry out of your vacation by securing all arrangements. Efficient and organized, you will receive a detailed travel packet on completion. Let us find that something special for you no matter what it may be: a romantic hideaway, personal cooking lessons, private wine tours, horseback riding, hiking or making olive oil. We will plan your trip to meet individual expectations while helping you avoid common pitfalls. Our experience will help you save time and money while giving you the ability to experience Italy, not just see it. Everything we recommend has been tested by us personally.

We do NOT work on commission. This means that unlike traditional travel agents, we are not bound to locations and services that pay us well. We are loyal to our contacts in Italy that are as passionate as we are about giving travelers an experience to last a lifetime.

  • All reservations and reconfirmations for accommodations, car rentals and tours

  • Reservations for major sites with ticket options

  • Reservation and ticket purchase for train travels

  • Detailed itineraries of each stop in your travels

  • Suggestions for local dining/site/places of interest and my special tips

  • Out of the tourist crush tips

  • Maps and directions

  • Insider tips and a peek into Italian culture

  • A before you go guide to packing and preparation


If you are dreaming of that Bella Umbrian getaway but don't know where to start or have the time to sort it out, let Bella Umbria make it easy for you. Planning fees are based on multiple variables, a quote will be given at the time of the initial intake. The fee includes all hotel, transportation and any tour guide arrangements as well maps and directions, recommendations for sites and dining in the areas of travel, helpful before you go information and all final trip confirmations. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you on your way to a fabulous adventure.

Please contact us for more info:

Custom Package*

contact for more info

*starting price based on 2 travelers

Frequently Asked Questions


How much advance time do I need to plan for my trip?

It depends on when you’re looking to go and how flexible you can be with your itinerary. We would definitely look to discuss and book early when considering the busy season. We suggest 6 months as being the ideal time.  

Can you get me discounts on hotels and guides?

Sometimes we can. But the most important thing is you can be sure that all of the recommendations are a good overall value for what you paid for and will work within your budget.


Is it just Umbria you offer services for?

Bella Umbria specializes in Umbria because it is where we have built many of our friendships and knowledge of the locals. However, Umbria is just one part of our reach. We do have strong knowledge of the entire country of Italy, large and small cities alike. So, if you are looking to extend your trip outside of Umbria we are well versed in cities such as Florence, Rome, and Lucca. Along with smaller cities such as Cortona, Montepulciano, Pienza, Montalcino, etc. if you would like to add to the Itinerary. Yes, our strong suit is Umbria, but we are not limited to it.

We have never been to Italy/Europe and not sure we want to be “independent travelers”. We want to be, but have we have not traveled enough.

Bella Umbria itinerary will be pre organized for you as much as you want. We can help pre-book and double-check all the nuances of the trip.  You will know where to go, when and how to get there. We will help with any money, language or custom issues you might incur.  (We have done for trips for couples that were 75 years of age and being their first time in Italy). 

What is the difference in Travel Consultant and Travel Agent?

Travel agents don’t have the depth and knowledge that we can offer for a particular region. Travel agents receive commissions for booking flights, hotels, cruises, etc. So from a business perspective they spend time on “Booking” things to make money or they can’t stay in business. They won’t have a deep knowledge of the region. As travel consultants, Bella Umbria charges for time and expertise. We want to spend the time on the areas that will make your trip absolutely unforgettable. We spend a lot of time on getting from A to B, specific cultural nuances, recommendations on local restaurants, hotels, cafes, gelaterias, food festivals, wine tastings, cooking classes, antique shows, churches, etc. that will best suit you.

Return on investing in Bella Umbria Consulting:

1. Time saved during the planning process:

To organize a trip to Italy with the level of organization and detail that we provide will take about  4-6 hours per travel day to do it yourself. A 14 day trip could be close to 80 hours for an average person to plan a trip. This includes internet, guidebooks, phone calls, and more.

In contrast it will take about 3 to 4 hours of total time to plan with Bella Umbria. How much of your time is worth per hour to get this done and get it done how you would like it.

2. Time used more efficiently on the trip:

When you have a well organized trip that is done ahead of time, you don’t waste time getting lost or showing up at the wrong bus or train station. You can accomplish more in a day if there is no stress and an higher level of enjoyment.

Why should I choose you/Bella Umbria?

I love this question. I am an Italian citizen who loves his country and has fallen head over heals for the culture. When we bought our home there we fell in love with the people, the landscape and what I call the “Real Italy” that people should experience outside of the tourist spots.

My personality is energetic and emotional. It comes out when I talk about my love for Italy. I am a person that is extremely hard working and detailed oriented. Here a short list of other reasons to consider us:

  • I (Anthony) am Italian citizen who has owned a home in Umbria

  • We have arranged group itineraries and tours of Italy

  • We have a large family and friend community

  • I have three sons and have done trips with them when they were both young and now married with kids of their own. So I understand what it is like to travel with infants, toddlers, teens and older folks. 

  • We can assure that your trip will be fun and well rounded for all involved.

  • We have done trips that have toddlers
  • We have planned trips for elderly

  • We have planned trips for large groups

  • I have spent 20 years in corporate America 

  • I have been a VP for all of North America

  • I know how to plan, delegate, travel, etc.​

  • I understand customer service


  • I ran inside a customer service team

  • I have traveled to countless countries

    We understand how people feel in foreign countries

  • We do not get kickbacks or create hidden costs. The trip is yours and totally transparent with the use of your credit cards. This way you see every line item and what the actual costs are. 

  • We will spend time on details like transportation, food, festivals and overall flow and balance of your trip and itinerary. Travel agencies don’t spend time on these items because they cannot earn commission. This is why we charge consulting fees. These are the details that will make sure your trip will go totally smooth.



"We met Anthony in Franklin, Tennessee and immediately began to talk for quite some time about Italy and the Umbria region where Anthony had a home.  My family and I consulted with Anthony multiple times before going to Italy.  Anthony advised us and helped us to plan our entire tour of Italy, but particularly the Umbria area, telling us about restaurants, things to do and places to go sight see. When we got to Italy in July, 2014, we had a very stress free trip as we were so prepared with Anthony’s personal consultations and advice.  We even stayed at Anthony’s home in Umbria in the town of Paciano, which was our favorite time on our 3.5 week trip in Italy!  With Anthony’s knowledge of the areas and attention to detail, we traveled with ease from place to place without any issues, carefree, and we thoroughly enjoyed our special trip!  It really pays to have a personal expert who knows the area, and who can provide you the personal details like Anthony did, I wouldn’t do it again without calling Anthony first! Grazie Mille Anthony!"

—  The Zorich Family, Cleveland, Ohio